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It all started in 2004, in Portugal, the westernmost country of mainland Europe, well known for hundreds of kilometers of perfect waves and beautiful beaches.
More recently a crucial spot on the world surf map due to the WSL tour and to the gigantic waves of Nazaré.

Originally, the idea was to create something strong and intense, reflecting the passion we feel for board sports,
as well as our drive to create and develop a Surf brand.
The phrase, ‘truly, madly, Deeply’, sums up our desire to create a brand with a DNA that’s powerful and brings something out of the ordinary to the surfing world.

about explore

We are deeply in love with surf & nature and our goal is to share these feelings with the greatest number of people

We want to reach the growing tribe of board lovers who both practice and/or live the Surf lifestyle with passion.
At Deeply, we are a committed team and share our passion for board sports and deeply believe in our brand values.
As our products are intended for surf and skate they are both technical (wetsuits, skateboards) and lifestyle (apparel).
Some key products, namely the technical ones, are tested by our Sponsored Athletes before they are launched on the market, which confirms our confidence in their quality and performance level.

In 2014, Vasco Ribeiro – World Junior Champion, joined our growing Deeply Team of 13 Sponsored Athletes.
Our support goes beyond our athletes as we also have Surf Schools powered by Deeply, along the coast, on our most iconic beaches.
From now on, if you live in Europe, you can receive any Deeply product in your home by visiting our Online Store.
Have a Great day.


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